Patented Product designs

Product designs patented for Tennant and Timesavers.  View them here:

6470932, 7244000, 7805802, and 8584294

design team leadership

Team Leader and Program Manager for Tennant.  Scale of projects: budget > $3 million, >1500 parts per machine, team size 4-8 designers and engineers.  

Technology management

Engineering Service Manager:  PLM, CAD, and Tech-Pubs, departments.  Staff of 15.  Assisting engineering and operations with ever improving services.  

Loring Digital Arts

advanced manufacturing

Champion of bringing new manufacturing technology to Tennant.  Developed and created a rapid prototyping center with 3D printing and urethane casting work centers.

Currently bringing in 3D scanning into QC.  


Engineering with a full range of digital tools